NETWORK RULES 

Please read through the rules carefully to assure that your account is not in offence of any of the rules stated below. 

  • Exploiting of bugs is not allowed.

  • Hacking of any kind is not allowed, this includes X-Ray texture packs, autoclickers or any other mouse modifications.

  • Charging back any payments made through the donation store is not allowed and will result in a swift ban, in any circumstance.

  • Selling or trading any accounts or in-game items for any out-of-game currency is not allowed, however you are allowed to trade in-game items for items bought from our store.

  • Any sort of attempt to lag the server, such as excessive redstone machines, lag machines, auto farms etc is not allowed.

  • Any form of inappropriate builds on the server are not permitted. This includes but is not limited to genitalia, racist words/symbols etc.

  • Disrespecting players or staff is not allowed.

  • Excessive use of capital letters is not allowed.

  • Excessive spamming is not allowed.

  • Our public chat is only to be in English. You may only speak other languages in private messages.

  • Any form of racial, homophobic, xenophobic etc. abuse is not allowed in our server.

  • Begging is not allowed on the server.

  • Scamming of any kind is not allowed.

  • Killing/Trapping other players is not allowed.

  • Bypassing or attempt to bypass a mute or a ban is not allowed.

  • Advertising another server IP, server name, server website, or discord is not allowed.

  • Using alternate accounts to bypass a punishment or to gain an unfair advantage over others is not allowed.

  • Any bypass of AFK is not allowed and will result in a kick or further punishment.

  • Use common sense, if you think something breaks rules, it may do.

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